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Detail Advertisement for BBC KHABAR

Header Banner Ads:
450 pixels (w) X 100 pixels (h) (Image) = 30 Days = Rs. 25,000/
450 pixels (w) X 100 pixels (h) (Flash/Movie) = 30 Days = Rs. 30,000/

Skyscrapper Banner (Below Header)
1040 pixels (w) X 100 pixels (h) (Image) = 30 Days = Rs. 50,000/
1040 pixels (w) X 100 pixels (h) (Flash/Movie) = 30 Days = Rs. 55,000/

Half Banner (in Page)
425 pixels (w) X 200 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 20,000/
425 pixels (w) X 100 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 12,000/

Square Size (In Page)
300 pixels (w) X 300 pixels (h) = 30Days = Rs. 20,000/
250 pixels (w) X 250 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 15,000/
200 pixels (w) X 200 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 12,000/

Side Bar Ads:
160 pixels (w) X 160 pixels (h) = 30Days = Rs. 10,000/
160 pixels (w) X 300 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 18,000/
160 pixels (w) X 600 pixels (h) = 30 Days = Rs. 35,000/

Description Pages

You can also request for a description page for your brand or product, just paying 25% extra of the Plan Value, the link of the said advertisement description will be like as: www.bbckhabar.com your page. You can also use this url in your business stationery or promotional material. This can also be linked from any of the banners mentioned above. You are requested to send your own designed page and graphics.

Above tarriff can change any time without prior notice.If any advance has been paid that will be returned. We reserve the right to accept / reject any advertisement.We can also stop any running advertisement just after notice within 24hr.Text matter and Graphics or film /slide of the advertisement will be provided by the Company itself.

If we find any user of description pages / Micro Site to be promoting their url using SPAM (unsolicited) mails, we shall block the micro site / description page without any notice and any amount paid by such user will not be returned.For advertising on this site or any further information for advertisement, you can contact us at bbckhabarlive@gmail.com or call +91-8802030787.

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